Meet the Armorer

TrueShotfinallogoWilliam or “Gyll” as he is known by most, has over 20 years experience  as a machinist and armorer. He has designed and created many custom rifles, sidearms, and shotguns. Some of them are showcased in the portfolio.

From the time, he was old enough to pick up a hammer and could read a scale (measuring scales)  he was taught the blacksmithing, and weaponsmithing trade by both his grandfather and his great-grandfather. His attention to details  was gifted to him by his father, whom also taught him wood crafting and electrical skills.

Gyll’s mission at True Shot is to give the highest quality of craftsmanship to every job he does while keeping the price at a more than reasonable level. As he says ,” We want you to have the high performance of a Porsche at the cost of a Volkswagen.”

He is factory certified by Smith and Wesson.

Additionally, Gyll is a former U.S. Army Rangers, where he was a trained sniper and was an expert in hand to hand combat. A lot of his ideas come from  his experiences in the field. Gyll  has created his own line of custom carbines modifications and a line of custom modified  bolt action rifles.

You can feel comfortable knowing that when your weapon has been worked on by Gyll, Every shot will be a True Shot.

Contact us at:  832-455-3443 or e-mail us at:

Make your next shot a true shot